GoddessFootDomination [2dl] Goddess Aaliyah [2dl] Little Boot Slut

Superior Goddess Aaliyah towers before you in a flawless violet corset and knee high, shiny black, lace-up stiletto boots. She wants you to grovel at her feet on the cum-stained floor of her private dungeon. From this moment on, submit to her and your only goal in life will be to make her boots sparkling clean with your slut mouth. Goddess Aaliyah flaunts her bare pussy and demands that you gag on her pointed heel as if it’s a fat, juicy c0ck. Obey her–don’t miss a spot–and she’ll give your worthless life a purpose as her personal little boot slut.

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YoungDommes [2dl] Mistress Sophia [2dl] The Corridors Bitch part 1

After Mistress Jenna has turned the older pig down and chosen the younger one as her personal piggy the older slave is locked in a cage in the corridor. When Domme Sophia arrives she is told where she can find her plaything. The slave has no idea who it will belong to today and the only introduction it is given is with Mistress Sophias shoe coming through the bars and being told to lick for all its worth. It doesn’t please her at all even after being dragged out the cage so it can get its tongue right in there.

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