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Catalina wants to make Paisley a new outfit and begins taking her measurements. As the tape measure rolls down Paisley’s freckled arm and across her curvy bottom, over her short dress, she bats her eyelashes in Catalina’s direction. Paisley invites Catalina to sit on her face, and lap her luxuriously hairy vulva, while penetrating a shuddering climax, then gets inspired when she sees that Paisley is still wearing her see-through panties. Catalina tugs them down around her ankles and then instructs Paisley to open her legs, so the delicate fabric can be stuffed into her pussy. Paisley reaches orgasm from the unique sensation, and Catalina removes the panties and presses them to her face, inhaling her partner’s sweet scent.
Alexandra braids Justina’s silky hair and plants a sweet kiss on her cheek. That swiftly leads to an impassioned makeout session, as Alexandra strips off Justina’s top to suck her nipples, then removes her skirt and knickers. Feeling adventurous, Alexandra’s labia so her tongue can lap directly against her clit, making her writhe in orgasmic ecstasy. Then it’s Justina’s turn to lay back and open her legs, so Alexandra can go down on her. Savoring her partner’s skilled tongue, Justina shuts her eyes tight as she’s overwhelmed with pleasure, and a bright smile lights up her face when she cums. In the afterglow, the lovers wrap their arms around each other and indulge in deep French kisses and satisfied giggles.

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Starring: Paisley, Justina, Catalina A, Alexandra T
Language: English

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