Here Comes the Bride (1978/WEBRip/HD)

Starring: Samantha Fox, Rhonda

Rhonda is a beautiful and sophisticated woman with a brain that knows how to get what it wants. When she decides to marry, she tells her fiance she is a virgin, dedicated to preserving her sacred virginity for the day they wed. In addition to being beautiful and sophisticated, Rhonda is a filthy slut who craves c*ck. She f*cks every dick that gets in range and never turns down a sweet p*ssy. She turns a small party into a hardcore orgy, f*cks and sucks all night long, then scissors with her friend before putting on her wedding dress. This bride may be a deviant liar, but shes also a phenomenal actor. Watching her fake losing her virginity alone makes this movie a classic icon.

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