Kelle Martina – Nine Lives

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You are a supervillainess, and I’m the boring superhero who calls himself Catman, I think I’m invincible until I run into you. You have me mind controlled so I have to do everything you command. You tell me what a joke of a superhero I am and seeing as I call myself Catman you will give me nine lives and you will take every singles life away from me right now. In different and fun ways Life 1 – Turn me into a little man with 1 click of your finger. And squeeze my limbs and balls with your boots then one final stomp and it goes black Life 2- Put my head in between your tits until I lose breath and expire. Life 3 – Upper body beatdown expiration. Dig your heels in my nipples, cutting and rip them off. Break my ribs, then a final kick to my skull knocks out my teeth and ends me. Life 4 – Order me on my knees with legs spread, I try and refuse you kick my legs open them open then stomp My thighs making sure they break and legs stay open. Then kick me in the balls. Sending them flying up my throat and I gag spit and expire Life 5 – Head in between your thighs looking at panties you twist and snap my neck. Life 6 – Squeeze my balls hard twist pull. Then pop them, putting me into shock and expired by ballbusting hands. Life 7 – (I will leave this one to you surprise me with something!) Life 8 – Expiration by ass with facesitting Life 9 – The final expiration. My cock hasn’t had attention yet, you cut it off as your trophy, then lift me up By the throat rip out my heart which is linked to the infinity lives. Which finally ends me, and at the same time kneeing my body between the legs up into out of space to float around for eternity!

Name: Kelle Martina – Nine Lives – $20.99 (Premium user request)
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